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measuring your room Remember to measure into doorways. Measure the longest length and width


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We have lots of ends of rolls


click and collect now discontinued we are now open

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We have looked on the internet and the prices are are as near as damit correct

Carpet Mill for a 5m by 4m large room

Excluding carpet price 

Underlay gripperod 1 doorstrip fitting  £145 NO DELIVERY CHARGE EXTRA TOTAL £145

Store with free fitting if you buy their underlay 5m by 4m large room

We are excluding carpet price as this will remain the same 

Underlay gripperod free fitting 1 doorstrip £234 plus £29.00 delivery charge TOTAL £263


We dont pay a fantastic high rent and thats how we can sell so cheaply

Our prices relate to the Quality of the carpet not 1 price one week and then half price another.

in stock but liable to change All prices square metre

Loop Pile

Loop pile  Quite hardwearing best fitted by our fitters as can fray at edges when cut


Saxony carpets are the rage at the moment. They have an uncut pile, show footmarks and shade varies when pile flattened due to wear Some people love the shading others do not Grey is the in colour 13 ft 4m wide the one shown is  Heavy/Medium duty £7.78 sq metre

Twist Pile

Twist pile comes in all qualities suitable for all areas depending on price We dont sell the wool twist pile we prefer the stainfree ranges some twist piles are plain others are a tweed Some twist piles are a bit like saxonys and show footmarks

in stock 


Vynalls for kitchens hallways etc 4 metre width 3 metre and 2 metre width Lots of remnants for bathrooms

small remnants

Lots of small carpet remnants for box beds etc


vynal end of rolls

Vinyl end of rolls for bathrooms toilets etc

in stock over 100 rolls

All types

At discounts

All qualities

At discounts

All prices square metre

At discounts

Berber light brown £4.77

Cris cross berber dark beige £4.77


Cris cross berber brown grey £4.77

Very dark grey thin line cord £4.77

Beige big loop berber £4.77

Grey blue twist £7.78

Charcoal speckled twist £7.16

Mid grey short pile saxony £8.36

Number 16 Heavy grey twist £10.75

Mid grey twist £7.78

Charcoal speckled twist £13.14

Beige hessian £13.14

Charcoal speckled thick twist £10.75


no 23 Green speckled twist £9.55


no 24 Red twist £9.55


 no 25 Purple twist £9.55

no 26 bottom roll blue twist £9.55

mid beige twist felt £7.16


Light beige short pile saxony £8.36

San Fransisco £7.16

See numbers 1,2,3,4 £4.77


Mid grey twist felt £8.36

Dark grey twist felt £7.78

Mid grey really thick £13.14

Light grey Twist felt £10.75

Twist £10.75

Beige twist £10.75

Mixed phone for details


Top 3 Rocka £5.96 Bottom 2 Galaxy £4.77


San fransico £7.17


Wood floors to take away or fitting arranged

no cookies stored,,  Email

Tel 024 76 661985